Different by Design

As a specialist design college, GDC is geared to nurture creative and innovative thinkers and designers. Our graduates have what it takes to be leaders in the field, locally and internationally.

Why Choose Greenside Design Center

  • Student work is benchmarked against local and international standards each year
  • The curriculum is modelled on the practice of design as it happens in the workplace
  • Programmes marry professional expertise with academic rigour
  • GDC allocates time and resources to networking and collaborating with local and international stakeholders, both in education and industry
  • Educators with relevant qualifications and teaching experience. GDC balances a profile of full-time lecturers with a small proportion of part-timers that run their own design agencies
  • An open and compassionate environment, where staff and students know each other by their first names
  • A superb library with over 4000 resources
  • ICT infrastructure and computer labs with the latest software. Students do not need their own computers – everything is provided on campus