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23 Jan 2017   admin

Editorial design in a crisis

2017 is already shaping up to be a seismic year in world politics. Publishing has already endured its own crisis, with the all-conquering e-book turning the industry on its head. Cometh the hour, cometh the independent publishing house to the rescue, with multiple innovations. But what is their role – and ours as readers – in these turbulent times? Surely we need to do much more than just pape [...]

28 Feb 2017  

Creative Career Conversations

04 Jul 2017 - 05 Jul 2017
09:00 - 16:00
118 Greenway, Greenside, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

Experience two days of innovative design thinking – blow your mind! Day One Look to get the creative juices rushing as you experience design experts conversing about specialist design careers…….THEN!

23 Jan 2017   admin

A design for success?

Studies show that design-led companies can outperform their rivals by up to 228%. This has led to some of the best creative minds in business applying themselves to considering just what a design-led business should look like, how it should work – and, crucially, how it should interact with its customers. Design has come in from the cold and is becoming an integrated function.

23 Jan 2017   admin

Off the charts

Our planet can seem to be a pretty immutable place. Oceans, mountains, countries – they’re just, well, there. Which means that maps of the world haven’t changed much since the so-called Golden Age of exploration – until, that is, Japanese architect Hajime Narukawa’s earth-shattering Authagraph, which won him a Good Design Grand Award and could change the way you see the world forever.

23 Jan 2017   admin

More than just a smiley face

Emojis have become so much a part of the way we communicate that some linguists have mused that they may one day replace words entirely – taking language full circle, back to the days of hieroglyphics. Like many ubiquitous objects we almost take for granted, there is far more to the design of emojis than meets the eye. Meet some of the people designing the way we express ourselves today.

12 Dec 2016   admin

How One Design Studio Is Keeping Traditional Craft Techniques Alive

Significant sections of human history – the Bronze Age, the Iron Age – were defined by the principal materials used to create things at that time. Now that we live in the Information Age, one Brooklyn design studio is making amends.

12 Dec 2016   admin

Architecture that’s built to heal

While some specific buildings, like hospitals, are built as places of healing, architects are increasingly asking why it is that more buildings don’t have a restorative effect on human health, and designing structures and building processes to achieve this.

12 Dec 2016   admin

The Harvard Library That Protects the World’s Rarest Colours

Today we live in a very colourful world, and we can change many of the ones around us at the click of mouse button. Colour is how we express and identify ourselves, and stand out from the crowd. But who determines which of all these shades are real, and which are phantoms?

12 Dec 2016   admin

A Worldwide Scavenger Hunt For Type Nerds

The internet has enabled collectors of many obscure things to bond over their shared interests, and now one website has become a “font of all knowledge” and repository for found examples of the innovative and seemingly ubiquitous Futura typeface.

05 Dec 2016   admin

Design and discovery

In his ted Talk "Design and discovery", David showcases a few of his favorite works and how typography in his everyday life inspires him and shaped his career. Exploring how the message of a piece of Typography conveys visually, before the words are even read and how it can be altered through subtle (or not so subtle) design dissensions.

05 Dec 2016   tanya

Design for all 5 senses

An interesting TED Talk by Designer Jinsop Lee: “Design for the 5 senses,” talks about how incorporating the five senses: touch, sight, sound, taste and smell into designs allows users to have a better experience.

25 Nov 2016   admin

2016 Student Exhibition

GDC students impress at opening of the annual student exhibition! The event was attended by industry professionals, alumni, scholars and of course parents; and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

25 Nov 2016  

Top Returning Student

01 Dec 2016 - 09 Jan 2017

GDC is turning 30! The top performing student from 2016 that is returning in 2017 will win a 30% discount in 2017 tuition fees! Ts and Cs apply

24 Nov 2016   admin

7 Things To Know About Designing For Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is fast becoming a craze phenomenon at home, and is innovating immersive experiences in the world around us.

23 Nov 2016   admin

Logo Design Fails: Avoid These 10 Pitfalls!

Logo design is not just a matter of combining typography, a touch of colour and some photoshop skill. There is a whole lot more to it. A great logo should be simple, authentic and timeless.

23 Nov 2016   admin

Norman Doors: Don’t Know Whether to Push or Pull? Blame Design.

Ever wondered why you can never get it right at a push or pull door... it’s not you, this result has been created from the design of bad doors everywhere.

23 Nov 2016   admin


Today the aids ribbon is a widely recognised symbol of hope, support and awareness, but do you know how the ribbon came to be? In support of World Aids day here is a brief history on the creation of the ribbon.

23 Nov 2016  

GDC is turning 30

01 Dec 2016 - 19 Jan 2017

GDC is turning 30! One lucky student will win a 30% discount in 2017 tuition fees – will it be you?

17 Nov 2016   admin

Essential Skills To Become A Great UI/UX Designer

With the increase of digital applications and the devices we use to interact with them, the role of a designer involved in creating these has become dual focused, and to be a great UI/UX designer you’ll need a thorough understanding of both worlds.

14 Nov 2016   admin

Date Night 2016

The night of 21 October was abuzz with excitement and nerves as GDC students were invited to pitch their portfolios to prospective employers.

14 Nov 2016   admin

Where to study? Some tips for choosing a higher education provider.

Deciding which higher education provider is the best for you is as important as deciding what to study. In this article we highlight a few factors to consider, from accreditation to staffing to international comparability. First we being with a checklist of important questions to ask, followed by some pointers about why these issues are relevant.

10 Nov 2016   admin

How Full-Scale Floor Plans Help Architects Walk Clients Through Designs

One of the hardest tasks for a designer is getting the client to buy into your vision. Architects in Norway have come up with an innovative way to bridge this gap.

08 Nov 2016   admin

Justin Catto

GDC gets a facelift after Justin Catto completes a graffiti art project on campus. Justin is a current Design Plus student at GDC.

03 Nov 2016   admin

Biohazard: Iconic Symbol Designed to be “Memorable but Meaningless”

Creation of an internationally recognized symbol is no mean feat. Find out how the "memorable but meaningless" Biohazard symbol was created.

27 Oct 2016   admin

Interview: The Rules of Human Design in the Digital World

There are a great deal of design trends being utilized across all devices, and they change from year to year. Rules of Human Design in the Digital World

25 Oct 2016   admin

The Future Is Near: 13 Design Predictions for 2017

"The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have". We simply love this quote from Steve Jobs and it just seems so on point as we look ahead to the latest trends in the world of design.

21 Oct 2016   admin

Are These Graphic Design Trends Going Out of Style?

Looking back at the evolution of graphic design is like browsing through old photo albums. Are These Graphic Design Trends Going Out of Style?

20 Oct 2016   admin

GDC ranked in the 2016 Loeries Official Rankings

Its official, GDC is ranked amongst the top 10 Educational Institutions in the official Loerie rankings for 2016. Official rankings provide an authoritative and independent indication of who’s who in the brand communications industry.

19 Oct 2016   admin

Multimedia Setting New Trends In Website Design

Technology is influencing almost all our daily activities and as we move further into the digital age multimedia is starting to impact trends in website design. A website was many first foray into the digital world but the use and the expectations of the tech savvy end user have evolved and now the user experience is essential.

19 Oct 2016   admin


Congratulations to Bianca Stuart and Taurai Mtake (Honours in Visual Communication) and Siane Powers (Honours Multimedia Design) who were successfully admitted to the membership of the International Society for Type Designers (ISTD). Bianca was awarded a merit - well done Bianca!

18 Oct 2016   admin

Why all the fuss about design thinking?

An emerging hot-topic is that of design thinking. But what is it and why does it matter? Members of the IDEA collective argue that design-thinking offers a unique, fruitful and fun way to enhance teaching and learning, across all different subjects.

15 Oct 2016   admin

7 TED Talks Every Designer Should Watch

Inspiration may come in many forms and it depends on what drives you creatively. In the hustle and bustle of life we are bombarded with stimulation and distractions constantly in the digital age. So sometimes it is good to take a step back and appreciate the moment.

14 Oct 2016   admin

The Principles of Good Multimedia Design

It is often overlooked just how important design is when it comes to multimedia as not all multimedia is effective. Design plays a massive role in the user experience from navigation to seamless use across the multimedia activation. If the user can browse and navigate easily as well as enjoy the process, then the design has been effective.

29 Sep 2016  

Date Night

21 Oct 2016
17:30 - 10:00
118 Greenway, Greenside, Johannesburg, South Africa

We humbly request your creative genius to crit our students portfolios in preparation for their end-of-year exams.

27 Sep 2016   admin


The IDEA Collective team believes that the role of design and other creative activities and tools are vital to develop core life skills in all children and promote creative intelligence for South Africa and Africa at large. This will not only increase academic performance and personal development, but is the backbone of developing human capital en masse and a workforce that is better equipped to d [...]

27 Sep 2016   admin

See how GDC students shine

Check out GDC’s awesome record of placements in local and internal design competitions. Placements in just the last three years…

15 Sep 2016   admin

International Verification

International mobility has become increasingly important, and a key concern for many scholars is assurance that their qualifications will be recognised in other countries. Since 1993, GDC has sought and maintained connections with international players to ensure that our graduates ban be assured that their portfolios will meet international expectations. In the 1990’s GDC achieved this through a [...]

15 Sep 2016   admin

The proof is in the pudding

So what happens to GDC graduates once they finish their studies? You can check out more on our alumni page, but here we acknowledge the impressive feat of students who have gone on to study their Masters at world-renowned design universities abroad. When we say world-renowned, we mean top ranked art and design institutions that are literally known as the best of the best. Google them and you’ll [...]

15 Sep 2016   admin

10 Percent 2016

GDC’s vision is to be leaders in design higher education to nurture innovative and responsible designers for the greater good of humanity. Responsibility and sustainability (for the social, economic and environmental world) are core values that underpin all curricular. They are values we expect our graduates to embrace and further in their careers. One of the key strategies to cultivate these va [...]

06 Sep 2016  

Annual End-of-Year Exhibition

15 Nov 2016 - 17 Nov 2016
06:00 - 21:00
118 Greenway, Greenside, Johannesburg, South Africa.

It's nearly that time of year again!!! Come and join us for a glass of wine and some snacks to celebrate our annual end of year exhibition. Oh... There will be lots of student work to look at too... their work is great.

05 Sep 2016  

Open Day

17 Sep 2016
09:00 - 15:00
118 Greenway, Greenside, 2193 Johannesburg, South Africa


05 Sep 2016  

Terrestrial Workshop

09 May 2016
08:00 - 19:00
118 Greenway, Greenside, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Terrestrial, an award-winning product design agency, ran a 5-day design-thinking workshop with the GDC honours students. The aim was to help the students fast-track their proposal for the Major Design Brief of the honours programme.

22 Aug 2016   admin

Loeries 2016 Winners

We have us some winners! Well done to Stefan and Tyler from our 3rd year graphics and to Mikela from honours Interior Design!!!