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7 TED Talks Every Designer Should Watch

Inspiration may come in many forms and it depends on what drives you creatively. In the hustle and bustle of life we are bombarded with stimulation and distractions constantly in the digital age. So sometimes it is good to take a step back and appreciate the moment.

Here are 7 TED talks that every designer should watch:

  1. “3 ways good design makes you happy” by Don Norman
  2. “How to build your creative confidence” by David Kelley
  3. “Simplicity sells” by David Pogue
  4. “The impact of persuasion” by Don Norman
  5. “Designing for simplicity” by John Maeda
  6. “How great leaders inspire action” by Simon Sinek
  7. “Design and destiny” by Philippe Starck

Make sure you take the time out to sit back and watch these I am sure there will be something that resonates deep inside and stimulates your next batch of creative genius…

Watch the videos

18 Oct 2016   admin

Why all the fuss about design thinking?

An emerging hot-topic is that of design thinking. But what is it and why does it matter?Members of the IDEA collective argue that design-thinking offers a unique, fruitful and fun way to enhance teaching and learning, across all different subjects. They held a workshop with school teachers, exemplifying the kind of thinking that designers do (discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation and evolution) to see how maths, science, geography and history teachers would react. They loved it.Here is some of the feedback:“Design Thinking is invaluable!” Comment from a Physical Science Teac ...

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Congratulations to three of our Visual Communication and Multimedia Design Honours students who were successfully admitted to the membership of the International Society for Type Designers. Siane Power (BA Honours Multimedia Design) and Tauria Mtake (BA Honours Visual Communication) were successfully admitted as members into the ISTD, and Bianca Stuart (BA Honours Visual Communication) was awarded a merit. ISTD engages with universities and institutions across the globe to raise the profile of typography in design education. It is a heritage that we are very proud of, so it is somewhat fitting ...