14 Nov 2016   admin

Date Night 2016

The night of 21 October was abuzz with excitement and nerves as GDC students were invited to pitch their portfolios to prospective employers. The GDC Date Night has become a firm favourite on the calendar. Based on the model of ‘speed dating’, GDC students have 10 minutes to pitch themselves to each of the design professionals in their design industries. Students thus rotate after each pitch to see all professionals, giving them to best opportunity to secure their first job after graduation. This year, we had 15 professionals attend the event. The feedback from the industry was once again glowing, and GDC is proud of its students.

17 Nov 2016   admin

Essential Skills To Become A Great UI/UX Designer

With the increase of digital applications and the devices we use to interact with them, the role of a designer involved in creating these has become dual focused, and to be a great UI/UX designer you’ll need a thorough understanding of both worlds.So what’s the difference between UI and UX?By definition User Interface design or UI is the design of user interfaces for machines, software and devices, with the main focus on maximizing usability and the user experience.Whereas UX or User experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, ...

23 Nov 2016   admin


The Aids awareness ribbon was created in a time when there was little public acknowledgement of AIDS. In1991 a costume designer Marc Happel had an idea, inspired by the yellow ribbons tied around tress in honor of Persian Gulf War Servicemen. With a single red ribbon folded over in an inverted V, he created what is now a global phenomenon. This symbol over time has created awareness not only for AIDS but for more than 200 other causes globally. 01 December 2016 marks the 28th World AIDS Day and the ribbon still retains its relevance as the global symbol 25 years on.To find out more read the fu ...