05 Dec 2016   tanya

Design for all 5 senses

Design encompasses many aspects of our everyday lives, we even interact with it while we sleep. Designers are constantly working to create products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing to improve some aspect of our lives. From following practices such as Dieter Rams 10 Principles for good design to adapting their own philosophies into each creation, pushing the boundaries on designing a better tomorrow. Along with all the guide lines, innovative talks, and noise in the design community , there is another idea that has entered the circles of conversation. An interesting Talk by Designer Jinsop Lee: “Design for the 5 senses,” Lee talks about how incorporating the five senses: touch, sight, sound, taste and smell into designs allows users to have a better experience. Next time you work on a project, be mindful of all five senses.

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05 Dec 2016   admin

Design and discovery

David Carson is a sociologist turned Graphic Designer. Best known for his innovative magazine layouts and eye-catching typographic experiments. David's portfolio includes projects for some of the best brands; Pepsi Cola, Ray Ban, Nike, Microsoft, MTV, Nine Inch Nails, just to name a few.  It's no surprise that he has received over 230 awards for his work in Graphic design, photography, advertising and branding. When he is not busy accepting accolades you can find him under the sun and in the ocean catching a few waves on his surfboard.In his ted Talk "Design and discovery", David showcases a ...

12 Dec 2016   admin

A Worldwide Scavenger Hunt For Type Nerds

It’s hard to escape Futura type. Especially in Europe, it’s everywhere you look. In part, its popularity is due to the fact that it was the first geometric gothic typeface, as well as the first sans serif typeface to be cast and produced in all weights, grades, and fonts. This seems to have ensured its wide appeal, from corporate logos to movie posters. We all have particular types that we love or loathe, but Futura seems to inspire particular loyalty. So much so that German graphic designers have created an online space to “hype the type” – a website where people can post images of ...