10 Nov 2016   admin

How Full-Scale Floor Plans Help Architects Walk Clients Through Designs

One of the hardest tasks for a designer is getting the client to buy into your vision when they are wired so differently and are battling to visualize your design concept. So to solve this issue an architect firm in Oslo, Norway have started creating full scale floor plans in the parking lot behind their offices to walk clients through their design process and explain their vision for the project.

This is a really clever way of helping the client conceptualise space and layout on a 1:1 scale, creating a fun, interactive and real experience of the designers vision – with the ultimate goal of the clients buy in to the project.

This is a great example as to how innovative ideas have been applied practically to the working world, and is an inspiring evolution to relationships between client and designer.

See how they are doing this

14 Nov 2016   admin

Where to study? Some tips for choosing a higher education provider.

Deciding which higher education provider is the best for you is as important as deciding what to study.  In this article we highlight a few factors to consider, from accreditation to staffing to international comparability. First we being with a checklist of important questions to ask, followed by some pointers about why these issues are relevant.A quick checklist of questions to ask:Is the institution registered with the Education Department, are the programmes registered on SAQA’s website?How long has the institution been in existence for?Are the academic staff suitably qualified, how man ...

14 Nov 2016   admin

Date Night 2016

The night of 21 October was abuzz with excitement and nerves as GDC students were invited to pitch their portfolios to prospective employers. The GDC Date Night has become a firm favourite on the calendar. Based on the model of ‘speed dating’, GDC students have 10 minutes to pitch themselves to each of the design professionals in their design industries. Students thus rotate after each pitch to see all professionals, giving them to best opportunity to secure their first job after graduation. This year, we had 15 professionals attend the event. The feedback from the industry was once again ...