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Why all the fuss about design thinking?

An emerging hot-topic is that of design thinking. But what is it and why does it matter?

Members of the IDEA collective argue that design-thinking offers a unique, fruitful and fun way to enhance teaching and learning, across all different subjects. They held a workshop with school teachers, exemplifying the kind of thinking that designers do (discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation and evolution) to see how maths, science, geography and history teachers would react. They loved it.

Here is some of the feedback:

“Design Thinking is invaluable!” Comment from a Physical Science Teacher on a design-thinking workshop.

““Creative design thinking will enhance understanding of concepts in my field” comment from a Mathematics teacher

“This workshop has opened up many possibilities for me as an Afrikaans language teacher.” Comment from an Afrikaans teacher

“This process will break the stereotype of other subjects being superior to others. Applied Arts are taken for granted as compared to Maths, Science and Technology.”

So it appears there is something to be said for the value of design thinking. There is something about the way designers explore and understand their world, respond to it and enhance it, that the rest of us stand to benefit from. For more, {read the article/post on the GDC website}.

The workshop was a great success and it was really interesting to see how open teachers were to embrace the ideology behind design thinking and how it can be incorporated across multiple disciplines when teaching children.

Design is starting to impact our lives in multiple ways and as the trend continues to gain traction in the digital age plays a key role in almost everything we do…

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Congratulations to three of our Visual Communication and Multimedia Design Honours students who were successfully admitted to the membership of the International Society for Type Designers. Siane Power (BA Honours Multimedia Design) and Tauria Mtake (BA Honours Visual Communication) were successfully admitted as members into the ISTD, and Bianca Stuart (BA Honours Visual Communication) was awarded a merit. ISTD engages with universities and institutions across the globe to raise the profile of typography in design education. It is a heritage that we are very proud of, so it is somewhat fitting ...

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Multimedia Setting New Trends In Website Design

Technology is influencing almost all our daily activities and as we move further into the digital age multimedia is starting to impact trends in website design. A website was many first foray into the digital world but the use and the expectations of the tech savvy end user have evolved and now the user experience is essential.Multimedia has become simply one of the best ways for businesses to communicate and tell their story in an engaging way allowing them to create great brand experiences through simple effective design. This has directly impacted the way designers have started to conceptua ...