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International Verification

International mobility has become increasingly important, and a key concern for many scholars is assurance that their qualifications will be recognised in other countries. Since 1993, GDC has sought and maintained connections with international players to ensure that our graduates ban be assured that their portfolios will meet international expectations. In the 1990’s GDC achieved this through agreements with the Nottingham Trent University, however due to legislative changes regarding quality assurance in South Africa, GDC moved to a model of open verification.  Every year international verifiers participate in GDC’s end-of-year assessment processes. They view the student portfolios and comment on the standard of student work and overall quality of our programmes. They fulfil the important function of benchmarking the GDC student portfolios against international standards. Verifiers have included past presidents and members of the International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers, International Council of Graphic Design Associations, Architectural Council of Europe, International Centre for Creativity to name but a few. This year, GDC welcomes the following esteemed design educators as verifiers:

Gerrit Schilder; Owner of SchilderScholte architects, The Netherlands

Gerrit Schilder;

Owner of SchilderScholte architects, The Netherlands

He has given lectures and workshops to master’s students at the Technical University of Delft, Avans University of Applied Sciences and the Piet Zwart Institute; he has also been the course director of the Interior Architecture program at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the President and appointed member of merit of the Dutch Association of Interior Architects and a Secretary-General of the European Council of Interior Architects. For the last two decades, he has been a jury member of various awards and an external examiner at several universities at home and abroad. Most recently, he was the winner of a Green Leadership Award and an exhibitor at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016.


Barnabas Wetton,

Head of International Innovation, Design School Kolding, Denmark

Head of International Innovation, Design School Kolding, DenmarkBarnabas has exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, Trapholt, Nicolai for Kunst and Charlottenborg and in Sweden, London and Germany. He has won two prizes for his architectural imaging and an international top ten nomination for music and video entitled Do as the Blind Man Does. As part of his role as Head of International Innovation at Designskolen Kolding, he has been part of the steering committee for LARM, a large cross-disciplinary project centred around digitalising the radio archives of Danmarks Radio. This involved examining how to visualize and adapt meta-data into ways that were relevant and innovative in terms of how to access information and not least re-engage with existing paradigms of understanding. A recent project, The Imperative Project, collated the demands that are made of us in public space and how we can see the force of cultural norms through the lens of what we are commanded to do. An article about the work – Imperatives in the public sphere  – was published 2012 in Poster, a UK based magazine and its findings presented in an presentation at Art of Management and Organization Conference, Copenhagen in August 2014 from where the article Stone turning is published. This work was presented at TEDx EAL in March 2016


Meike Kraus 

Directrice Graphic Design, ECV Creative Schools and Community, France

Meike is Director of the Visual Communication School. The School was founded in 1984 with a mission to train excellent graphics specialists. Today it operates in 5 major French cities: Paris, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes and Lille. The Visual Communication School prepares graduates for careers in graphic design, advertising, publishing, packaging and animation. 



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See how GDC students shine

Check out GDC’s awesome record of placements in local and international design competitions. Placements in just the last three years…Loerie Student AwardsMikeala Marques awarded a Loerie in 2016 (Honours in Interior Design)Stephan Meissner awarded a Loerie in 2016 (3rd year Graphic Design)Bianca Rodrigues a finalist in 2016 (2nd year Interior Design)Leandra Levenderis (3rd year Interior Design), Goodman Muzanenhamo, James Vodden (3rd year Graphic Design) and Caitlin Sloane (Honours Visual Communication) represented GDC at the student portfolio dayRoberto Zambri awarded a Loerie in 2015 (H ...

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Innovation | Design | Education | AfricaGrowing Creative Intelligence in AfricaOur beliefThe IDEA Collective team believes that the role of design and other creative activities and tools are vital to develop core life skills in all children and promote creative intelligence for South Africa and Africa at large. This will not only increase academic performance and personal development, but is the backbone of developing human capital en masse and a workforce that is better equipped to deal with future challenges confidently and efficiently, no matter their career path.Designs core purpose is to ...