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Congratulations to three of our Visual Communication and Multimedia Design Honours students who were successfully admitted to the membership of the International Society for Type Designers. Siane Power (BA Honours Multimedia Design) and Tauria Mtake (BA Honours Visual Communication) were successfully admitted as members into the ISTD, and Bianca Stuart (BA Honours Visual Communication) was awarded a merit.

ISTD engages with universities and institutions across the globe to raise the profile of typography in design education. It is a heritage that we are very proud of, so it is somewhat fitting that this year’s partnership is with Linotype, a company which has a heritage of more than a 125 years of great typographic history.

Our goal in the student assessments is to give both tutors and students the opportunity to explore and develop typography as an inherent part of the design process and thus bring the typographic gesture to the forefront of their design education.

The ISTD student assessment scheme, started in 1975, is cited as a model of academic thoroughness and professionalism. Unlike many others, the scheme is not a competition as it considers the holistic achievement – not just the final outcome. The overall design process of research, reflection, strategy, design development, technical and production specification is assessed by teams of practicing designers and educators. We demand this rigorous approach to ensure standards are met and that the award maintains its significance. The only way to become a member of ISTD is through assessment, either student or professional, once membership is awarded it is for life, granted your yearly subscription is met.

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Multimedia Setting New Trends In Website Design

Technology is influencing almost all our daily activities and as we move further into the digital age multimedia is starting to impact trends in website design. A website was many first foray into the digital world but the use and the expectations of the tech savvy end user have evolved and now the user experience is essential.Multimedia has become simply one of the best ways for businesses to communicate and tell their story in an engaging way allowing them to create great brand experiences through simple effective design. This has directly impacted the way designers have started to conceptua ...

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GDC ranked in the 2016 Loeries Official Rankings

Its official, GDC is ranked amongst the top 10 Educational Institutions in the official Loerie rankings for 2016. Official rankings provide an authoritative and independent indication of who’s who in the brand communications industry. As a specialist Design College, GDC is proud to boast this fabulous ranking, and congratulates once again the students who won Loeries this year (Stephan and Tyler from Graphic Design, and Mikaela from Interior Design). View the Loerie rankings for 2016 ...