23 Nov 2016   admin

Norman Doors: Don’t Know Whether to Push or Pull? Blame Design.

Bad design is sadly found everywhere in the world today, while newer better designs are created to replace bad designs getting them in to replace the old can be a cumbersome project. A great example of this is push and pull doors, found everywhere from office doors to restaurant entry ways these doors are forever confusing users, causing endless frustration. Even with the additional help of typographic instructions “pull/Push” these doors fail in communicating what to do to the everyday user. This partly due to the rather obvious handle placement conveying mixed messages. In Don Norman’s book “The Design of everyday Things” he stresses the importance of combining usability, engineering and cognitive science to create designs that are seamlessly authentic and useful.

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23 Nov 2016   admin

Logo Design Fails: Avoid These 10 Pitfalls!

Do you have what it takes to create a great logo? Are you up for the challenge?It’s not just a matter of combining typography, a touch of colour and some photoshop skill. There is a whole lot more to it. A great logo should be simple, authentic and timeless, communicating in an instant the companies brand experience, think Nike, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola.Most logos fail to meet these criteria, below is a list of pitfalls to avoid.Be Cautious With ALL CAPS. Upper and lower case letters are easier to read from a distance then All CAPS.Use Punctuation Responsibly. Nothing ruins a logo more than ...

24 Nov 2016   admin

7 Things To Know About Designing For Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is fast becoming a craze phenomenon at home, and is innovating immersive experiences in the world around us.Today more and more people are seeking out experiences not technologies, below are a few things to keep in mind if you are interested in VR/AR.Encourage clients to try before they buyNot all clients have the same frame of reference so make sure you show examples.Don’t lose sight of your objectives when chasing the next big thing Simply put is this the right tool for your brand or business to ensure the right user experience.Shift your mindset to the world of “first-pe ...