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The proof is in the pudding

A GDC qualification is what sets you apart from the rest

So what happens to GDC graduates once they finish their studies? You can check out more on our alumni page, but here we acknowledge the impressive feat of students who have gone on to study their Masters at world-renowned design universities abroad. When we say world-renowned, we mean top ranked art and design institutions that are literally known as the best of the best. Google them and you’ll see.

Therese Swanepoel, who graduated from GDC in 2012 with a BA Degree in Interior Design, completed her Masters at the Art Center in Pasadena, USA. The Art Centre is ranked 9th in the world for art and design education. It was also recently the host institution for the meeting of the International Council of Design. This was attended by our Head of Academic Planning, Ivor Templer, in person. Prof Des Laubscher who was co-opted onto the Executive Board of Ico-D, participated in the conference via Skype. 

Roxanne Albutt, who graduate with a BA in Multimedia in 2002, has just been accepted into the two-year Masters of Design programme at Emily Carr University in Canada. The Emily Carr University Ranked as Canada’s Top University of Art and Design, and has received two Red Dot Design Awards.

Even students who are still studying are finding their way through the international design sector. Idalina Silva, in her 3rd year of Interior Design in 2016, was selected to attend a student exchange at Luca School of Arts in Belgium. LUCA School of Arts has an extensive international network of art and architecture schools spread across five continents.

Every year, GDC sends two honours students to the Design Camp hosted by Kolding School of Design in Denmark. Kolding is the top design school in Denmark, and GDC students work along masters-level students in a one week workshop.

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International Verification

International mobility has become increasingly important, and a key concern for many scholars is assurance that their qualifications will be recognised in other countries. Since 1993, GDC has sought and maintained connections with international players to ensure that our graduates ban be assured that their portfolios will meet international expectations. In the 1990’s GDC achieved this through agreements with the Nottingham Trent University, however due to legislative changes regarding quality assurance in South Africa, GDC moved to a model of open verification.  Every year international ve ...

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See how GDC students shine

Check out GDC’s awesome record of placements in local and international design competitions. Placements in just the last three years…Loerie Student AwardsMikeala Marques awarded a Loerie in 2016 (Honours in Interior Design)Stephan Meissner awarded a Loerie in 2016 (3rd year Graphic Design)Bianca Rodrigues a finalist in 2016 (2nd year Interior Design)Leandra Levenderis (3rd year Interior Design), Goodman Muzanenhamo, James Vodden (3rd year Graphic Design) and Caitlin Sloane (Honours Visual Communication) represented GDC at the student portfolio dayRoberto Zambri awarded a Loerie in 2015 (H ...