Graphic Design

Graphic design is essentially concerned with the creation and manipulation of imagery and text to communicate a message and is sometimes referred to as Visual Communication. Whether a design encompasses a corporate identity design, an advertising campaign, or a complete magazine layout, a graphic designer needs to relate imagery and text in a creative and purposeful way. Graphic designers work with illustration, photography, typography, computer and hand-generated images in order to communicate the desired message. Graphic designers are creative, pay attention to detail, and lateral thinkers. Areas of employment for graphic designers include design consultancies, advertising agencies, exhibition design and signage companies, retail chains, large corporations and print, film, television and electronic media houses.


Qualification Obtained NQF Level Credits Years of full-time study SAQA ID
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design 7 360 3 62760
Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Visual Communication Design 8 120 1 93628