BA Graphic Design

The BA Graphic Design degree is a 360-credit point qualification at NQF level 7 and consists of three years of full time study. The purpose of the programme is to develop students into competent and employable designers that specialise in print-based communication. The programme emphasises the ability to form, create and rationalise both design and theoretical argument; as well as the ability to implement and critique print-based design processes. The programme further provides a theoretical and practical foundation in print-based communication for further study. 

Graduates at GDC have a repertoire of high level skills and can: 

  • Conceptualise and produce creative design solutions with a personal design philosophy 
  • Communicate meaningful design messages in a signature style 
  • Create and present a professional print-based design portfolio that stands apart from the rest 
  • Operate graphic design related computer hardware and software at industry level 
  • Articulate and represent ideas and arguments professionally and with confidence 

Programme Outline