BA Interior Design

The BA Interior Design Degree is a 360 credit point qualification at NQF level 7 and consists of three years of full time study.  The programme emphasises that interior design is a creative problem solving activity that has the potential to affect our responses to living and working environments on a profound level.  GDC students are trained to think conceptually, to frame design problems through research and analysis, to apply the design process and to develop design solutions that are innovative & original, socially responsible and technically resolved. As an academic discipline, the programme further enables students to become critical thinkers who can locate and critique the practise of design within contemporary theoretical discourse.

Graduates at GDC have a repertoire of high level skills and can: 

  • Produce and present a professional interior design portfolio that is highly regarded by industry 
  • Plan, research and organise design projects in a signature style 
  • Be creative conceptual creators, producers and problem solvers that think outside the box 
  • Manipulate and articulate ideas, concepts and information with confidence 
  • Create high quality visualisations and technical documentation using advanced software 

Programme Outline