Jacqueline Beling

Lecturer – Graphic Design

BA Hons Graphic Design(GDC

I speak Design. Ever wondered what someone might say if confronted with this answer after asking the very simply constructed question of; what is your language of preference? Imagine their reaction… I sometimes wonder, if they knew that my language preference was design; would they stop sending me the awful death by PowerPoint, self-help, comic sans overloaded, mind-numbing dribble that I am so very often faced with to translate through my inbox every day? What if websites had the option to translate to fluent design? I have been fortunate enough to work at the Design Center for the past 4 years. A breath of fresh air this is an institution that not only speaks my language, but taught me how to interpret, translate, create, investigate, manipulate and appropriate the language of Design. It is in this very language that I communicate with the second year Graphic Design students and through this process we strive towards a practice whereby every output is better, different and more creative than the last time we spoke and with this we slowly revolutionize the language of Design.