Kathryn Pope


MA Research Psychology (Wits University)

Kathryn comes from a background in the social sciences, majoring in Philosophy and Psychology in a BA Degree and continuing with a Masters in Research Psychology at Wits University (for which she was awarded a distinction and invited to be member of the Golden Key International Honour society). She has been part of the GDC Team since 2001 and assumes responsibility for Quality Assurance and Student Affairs. Kathryn also guest lectures in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, focusing on academic reading and empirical research respectively. She chairs the Research Committee and has published several papers, the most recent being due for publication in the IBSS accredited journal Africa Education Review in 2015. Other recent academic activities including co-hosting a workshop on GDC’s Community Engagement alongside Ivor Templer and Robin Turner at the 2014 International Cumulus conference, and participating by invitation in Ico-Ds Educational Platform meeting in Hong Kong in 2014. Administratively, she oversees the college’s support structures including the library and ICT. Apart from her academic and administrative responsibilities, Kathryn also serves as a contact point for students and their sponsors to help students with any support they need to flourish and thrive at the college. “Most fundamentally, quality is about fitness for purpose. The purpose of GDC is to prepare students for design leadership on a global scale, and all GDC’s quality mechanisms are geared to ensure we achieve this”