Ray Whitcher

MA (Visual Arts) Wits

Senior Lecturer – Multimedia Design

Ray grew up in the South of Jo’burg where his propensity for adventure, as well as severely underdeveloped sense of danger, lead him to many forms of discovery, some painful, some interesting, but all a constant source of inspiration for his burgeoning imagination. Soon Ray discovered the joyous escapist world of comic books and was instantly embroiled in the world of spandex and superpowers. This wanton love soon resulted in doodles and self-made comics which were a constant source of derision from his classmates, but still something he actively involved himself with every waking moment. This passion extended even further to the world of animation and cartoons, and soon our socially inept subject became even more embroiled in a world of colour and rule-free dynamism. Yes, he was set to become an artist. After a relatively average stint at Primary School, Ray truly found himself at Parktown Boys’ High School, where he achieved half-colours in academics, won several subject awards for top student, sports prizes and even an accounting prize and his passion for art an design grew further and further with each passing day. Then Design Center College came into the picture. Ray thrived and eventually placed in the top ten of the D&AD Student Awards of 2003, won a Franchise Development Competition and graduated Cum Laude, all the while working at a burgeoning freelance career and running the College’s SRC as Vice President. Thirsty to develop his academic knowledge, Ray went on to begin his Masters Degree studies in Digital Arts and 3D animation (and is currently completing the theory component of his MA degree). All the while working on even more freelance work, which eventually caught the attention of his past Lecturers at GDC and landed up in him now working as a full-time Lecturer in Multimedia Design and Illustration at the College. This is his 3rd Year of working for the College on a full-time capacity. In-between teaching, Ray has illustrated and animated for clients ranging from Bioplus to Kelloggs to Clover and even AARTO (in which he and a friend created and animated Joe, a character now featured extensively in the campaign and can be seen at major airports, toll gates and on the AARTO website). He is also working on a personal comic book project and in his (rare) spare time, co-owns and runs the creative forum LegionInk ( in which all creative people of South Africa have a forum to share their work and express themselves. Finally, Ray is an avid squash player, Paintballer, Xbox abuser and Retro Animation collector… Essentially, a geek of distinction.