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Lesotho Rise

Lesotho Rise



Afriski has partnered with Lesotho Rise, an NPO with a unique, science-based approach to positive social transformation. Lesotho Rise aims to help each person achieve their full potential through the application of Occupational Intelligence (OI) principles.

Through neural pathway development, people can boost their self-confidence to the point where they become highly motivated self-starters determined to make the most of what they have.

You won’t need to spend long in Lesotho to see that while the Basotho people may not be materially rich, they are blessed with a shared heritage and identity, and collective happiness – an elusive quality many people in “richer” countries are desperately seeking.

Through helping to boost social tourism, Rise Lesotho will help people become “eagles” – that is, to instil an “I can” mindset.

Rise Lesotho initiatives include entrepreneurial leadership programmes and skills development training in local arts and crafts. Through community development initiatives and in partnership with engaged stakeholders, Afriski and Rise Lesotho are enabling Basotho communities lift themselves up to where they belong.