View Afriski’s Covid-19 Policies

Covid-19 Policies

Covid-19 Policies

AfriSki COVID-19 Safety Policies

Covid Protocols for Tourism Industry

We’re thrilled that we are open and hosting local Lesotho guests in adherence to the following safety protocols. Thank you for your patience.

This year, there is a daily limit on how many guests can accommodate on-site. It’s roughly 50% of our normal daily visitors and is there to enable social distancing.

We have revised our operational model that has been developed under the advice provided by various tourism organisations and following the lead of international ski resorts.

We’ll be updating this page regularly as more information relating to COVID-19 comes to hand, so please continue to check in here.


Some measures Afriski is taking in general:

  • Screen employees daily for COVID-19 symptoms before starting their shift and ask them to stay home if they are feeling ill or have been exposed to someone with the illness.
  • Require all employees to wear a face mask at all times while on the property, regardless of their position, and gloves where appropriate.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces frequently.
  • Provide hand sanitizing stations in common areas throughout the resort.
  • Implement physical distancing measures in waiting lines and other similar areas of the resort.
  • Reserve the right to limit the number of guests/participants in any area of the resort as needed.

Some measures Afriski is asking of our guests:

  • Stay home if you are displaying signs of respiratory illness or have a fever.
  • Comply with physical distance guidelines and remain at least 1.5 meters apart from others unless you are from the same household.
  • Follow our request to wear a face mask at all times, except when eating.
  • Book all activities in advance through our central reservations or by phone to prevent unnecessary in-person transactions.
  • Wash hands and use sanitizer frequently.
  • Pay with credit/debit card rather than cash.
  • Don’t congregate/spectate in common areas.
  • Use our takeaway menu option from Sky Restaurant, self cater in chalets where possible and plan your dining.


Further measures Afriski is taking:

Resort accommodation

  • Remove non-essential items from hotel rooms including magazines, cushions, bed throws, notepads and pens.
  • Sanitise the area after every guest has departed.
  • Close all game rooms.

 Restaurants & Dining

  • Reduce indoor and outdoor seating capacity by 50%.
  • Provide guests with single-use menus that are then recycled.
  • Sanitize payment systems and pens after every guest.
  • Wait until after guests have been seated to place utensils and napkins on the table.
  • Leave all used utensils, plates and glassware on tables until guests depart.

Resort suggestions

  • Please book your snowpass online and avoid the social distancing queue.
  • Make Sky restaurant reservations in advance and avoid disappointment.
  • Dine with a maximum of 10 people in your party.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and thank you for working with us to ensure everyone remains safe.