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Winter has arrived!

Winter has arrived!

09 June 2020

Winter has arrived!

Winter has arrived and many local guests are already enjoying the snow at Afriski. Our snowmaking team are chomping at their bits in anticipation of the freezing weather ahead : -10C conditions are predicted on Thursday night followed by 72 hours of optimal and glorious snowmaking conditions thereafter. Perfect conditions ahead of our official winter opening on 18 June.


With all aspects of Lesotho’s economy in full swing, the only missing element at Afriski is your presence!

When we last corresponded, we decided to delay the official start of Snow Season 2020 to synchronise with the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions. It really is tough to anticipate what the SA government will announce next, but we are encouraged to see most European and American mountain resorts reopening for summer trade and our counterparts in New Zealand opening their resorts for winter.

Given that SA was approximately 2-3 weeks behind the rest of the world in their response to the lockdown measures, our hope remains that SA shall soon follow suit when it comes to easing the restrictions imposed.

We thought it important to share that Afriski has joined forces with all other Lesotho based tourism establishments and the various Tourism Associations to lobby the Lesotho Government for clarity on the immediate future of travel and tourism and to request that Lesotho be included in the definition of regional travel due to its landlocked status with SA. Besides our specific urgency around inbound travel to Lesotho, there is a far greater need for outbound movement of Basotho’s into SA for work and trade purposes. This too makes us hopeful that travel will soon be allowed between Lesotho and SA.

While we wait with anticipation for the next announcement from the SA government it is our recommendation that all guests booked for June chose tentative alternate dates in July or August or indeed postpone until 2021 should travel after June not be possible for you. For guests with bookings in July and August, please bear with us – it is our sincere hope that cross border travel will once again be allowed at this time.  

Thanks to Covid and the various safety measures we have put in place, our resort will look slightly different this year but our passion for winter and the mountains remains as strong as ever and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that the Afriski Team delivers another memorable snow season in the months ahead.


We would love to hear from you and are available to answer and attend to any questions or booking changes you may have