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Pudi Adventure Land

Pudi Adventure Land

Pudi Adventure Land

Introduce your kids to the mountain lifestyle.

While many of the activities at Afriski can be enjoyed by families, we understand that there might be times when you want a break – and when your kids want to hang out with all the new friends they’ve made.

That’s where Pudi Adventure Land comes in. Fun, safe and supervised activities for kids, so they can have just as much fun as you are – even if they’re not hitting the main slope.




Monster Rolling

Roll down the slopes on the outsized wheels of our cross-country scooters, a new form of downhill action that’s already proving popular with kids and adults alike.

Quad Biking

Get ready to tackle even the toughest terrain on an Afriski quadbike. Rugged off-road action on vehicles that are designed to tackle mud, rocks and streams – whatever the mountains have in store.

Crystal Hunting

Discover the ancient secrets of the Maluti Mountains as you search for rare and precious crystals created long before the first people skied down these slopes.


Does it matter who gets splattered? Of course it does, so aim carefully. The ideal way to have fun with friends or family or help your colleagues bond over a bit of healthy competition.


Afriski is the home of the world’s longest and fastest zipline – reach unprecedented speeds as you zoom over along and enjoy the feeling of pure mountain air rushing past you: it’s breath-taking.

Play area

Fun and games for younger kids who want to have fun in the snow but don’t feel quite ready to try skiing. Traditional games take on a new twist when they’re played at 3 222m!
There’s also an activity centre upstairs at The Sky Restaurant with DVDs, games and colouring books to keep kids entertained while they wait for dinner or if it’s raining outside.

You’re never too young to start skiing


Afriski’s Pudi Club lets your kids have just as much winter fun as you – and quite possibly more! The day begins at 08h30 with a Pudi Kids Club welcome for parents and kids in the Sky Restaurant. Pudi (the world’s only mountain goat on skis) and the Pudi Kids Club team will keep your kids entertained for as long as you’re on the slopes.

Pudi Club activities are designed for kids aged 3 – 12. Each evening, we’ll drop off a Pudi Club programme so you can see which activities have been arranged for the next day. Costs are just R300.00 per child per day, with activities on offer from 09h00 to 22h00.

*Please note that none of the Bambini packages include skiing or snowboarding lessons. Private lessons are highly recommended for children under 6 so that they can benefit from dedicated one-on-one tuition as they master the basics.

Pudi Kids Holiday Package (6-12 years)

An exciting, all-inclusive way for your kids to enjoy winter sports and make new friends. Includes group skiing and snowboarding lessons (for up to two consecutive days) plus unlimited tubing and bumboarding. Lunch is provided on lesson days, and there’s an optional full day-care service.

Bambini Snow Fun Package

Runs in sync with the daily Snow & Play Fun activities for the full duration of your package.

Must be pre-booked.

Pudi Kids Ski School (6-12 years)

As long as we have equipment in the right size, we can provide private skiing or snowboarding lessons for any age. Please enquire at the Ski & Snowboard School.

Group Lessons

10h00 – 12h00
14h00 – 16h00

Bambini Snow Programme (3-5 years)

A two-hour session that teaches younger kids just how much fun they can have in the snow: bumboarding, building snowmen, and having friendly snowball fights. SnowPass and all Snow Fun equipment included.

Private Lessons

09h00 – 10h00
13h00 – 14h00

Bambini Snow & Play Fun

A full-day programme of activities from 10h00 to 16h00, including lunch.



Download our Pudi activity pages for your trip to Afriski to help the journey pass more quickly for everyone.

Pudi Activity Booklet