The strength of our team is what sets us apart

Ethos Capital is led by a unitary Board that has final oversight and responsibility in respect of Ethos Capital’s business, including responsibility for ultimate decision-making on investments and reporting. 

The Board consists of five independent Non-executive Directors. Furthermore, none of the Directors are employed by, professional advisers to or associated with Ethos Private Equity, hence the Board is independent from Ethos Private Equity.

To ensure that costs are maintained at reasonable levels, Ethos Capital will only employ a limited number of permanent staff.

In order to facilitate Ethos Private Equity’s rendering of services in terms of the Investment Services Agreement and to support the Board, Ethos Private Equity provides Senior Advisers to fulfil the roles of Ethos Capital’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

The Senior Advisers support the Board in managing Ethos Capital’s business, in particular the following aspects of Ethos Capital’s business: